St. Baldrick’s Foundation

The St. Baldrick's Foundation is a volunteer-powered charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government.

When TeamBrent started 19 years ago, there was one local St. Baldrick's Foundation event at Bradford’s in Stamford. We started there and branched off on our own the next year. We’ve been thrilled to watch the growth of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in events, reach and impact. In 2019 there were 20 events within 20 miles of the Westport YMCA (where we have held our last few events). Our team raised over $4 million and held events at bars, schools, Arena at Harbor Yards, the YMCA, in Boston, in London, in Singapore and had a lot of fun in the process. It was a good time for TeamBrent to hang up its organizer role and turn our attention towards helping other groups grow - until a global pandemic hit!  Let's try this again in 2023.  Please reach out and let us know if we can help you start an event!

MikeandBrent McCreesh Southport

Would you shave your head for a child?

Want to stay involved in 2023?  We do.  Mike McCreesh, TeamBrent's co-founder, has finished his term as Chairman of the Board for the St. Baldrick's Foundation and is really excited about the team in place today.  Great things are ahead.  All the local events are wonderful, and the funds go to the same place no matter where you participate!  We have some former shavees with events that would love to have you !

We raised about $4.3 million for St. Baldrick's and made a difference.

We all rest in the shade of trees that we did not plant.

These Half-Lifers are the bALLd Stars of our event.   Our other stars are our Knights - those who have participated for 7+ years.   We have been proud to induct 118 people into the Knights of the Bald Table at TeamBrent events.  This # is ridiculously high and says a lot about the passion of our community. Please join us in thanking the following Knights for their dedication to improving the lives of children:

Becky, Tom & Matt Andronowitz, Christian & Carson Arkay-Leliever, Liam Baker, Rich Baron, Zach & Sean Barry, Dave Berthiaume, Scott Bisson, Bette Blackwell, Dr Keith Bradley, Margie Branca, Jack & Steve Bretthauer, Dennis & JB Brown, Jim Burgraff, Sam Burns, Kyle Byrne, Chris Calise, Sandra Cassidy, John Cody, Scott Corcoran, Aiden & Chris Courtney, Tiernan & Sean Curley, Heidi Curran, Dylan & Jim Curran, Matt & Mike Delach, Lance Delaney, Meghan De Maria, Dave & Nick Dennehy, Mike & Timmy Donahue, Deborah Dutko, Anne Farkas, Patrick & Timmy Farrelly, Gary & Dylan Frankel, Todd Goodfellow, Symantha Galasso, Roger Haney, Jonathan Heinzman, Jack Hernandez, Tony Hwang, Nolan Izzo, Kelly Jacobson, Danny Jagoe, Kieran Johnson, Alex Joliet, Andrew Kelly, William Kelly, Bill Keough, Teresa Kerrigan,  AJ Konstanty, Jane Kronick, Jared Lande, Andrew & Michael Lau, Dina Leon, Gina Ludlow, Mike & Steve MacDonald, Michael Macri, Sam Mahler, Greg Mahoney, Cole & Chase Markham, Kyle Mazza, Mike, Dana, Brent & Madi McCreesh, Mike McGarry, Tim McManus, Paul Merriman, Noah Miyahlo, Jed Morgan, Anders Morrison, Patrick Murphy, Kristin Nierman, Matt Olins, Scot & Bennett Parnell, Pedro Pires, Deb Placey, Siobhan Powers, Joe & Joey Rainis, Diane Reardon, Pete Reiter, Ben & Tracey Sachs, Jason Scully, Neal, Sam & Ben Seideman, Stephen Seigel,  Bill & Calvin Sharp, Dan & Jackson Smith, Bruce Tomasko, Ed Train, Matt Wilcox, John Wiseman, Courtney Yanni, Bruce Tomasko, Christine Vidnansky, Alicia Westerlund, Annie Zinovenko

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