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Seven years ago, Amy DeLardi of Infinite Web Designs heard about 3 year old Brent McCreesh's diagnosis of stage 4 neuroblastoma, an aggresive pediatric cancer.  After visiting the online forum Brent’s family was using to communicate the daily developments in Brent's condition, Amy and her team contacted the McCreesh Family and offered to donate a custom website to better meet their needs.  After careful coordination of needs and technology, the website mccreeshzone (now retired) was launched. Mccreeshzone was used to keep friends and family updated on Brent's condition, location and needs. It was during this period the McCreesh family decided to start raising money to fight pediatric cancer and, via the website, launched TeamBrent.

Because of the efforts of an amazing medical team, after 15 months Brent was able to resume his life free from daily treatments. That is when the next stage of TeamBrent began.  The McCreesh family and Infinite Web Designs joined together again to create a new site focused more on the fight, and less on family life. The initial website was replaced with  This new website was designed to assist the family in harnessing the passion displayed by people who wanted to help with their fundraising and awareness efforts.  TeamBrent has raised money thru events such as bake sales, triathlons, hockey tournaments, music festivals and individual efforts, but the majority of fundraising is through the PanMassChallenge and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

Today, 7 years and 5 million dollars later, Infinite Web Designs is pleased to donate this new incarnation of  Using the most current design tools, this version provides a contemporary approach to sharing information vital to fundraising efforts. By making it easy for people to access information on Brent's courageous fight and the inspired efforts of TeamBrent members, we can engage more people in the battle.  Through the website, people can follow the TeamBrent on Facebook or a new newsletter, and learn about upcoming events. Please check out the new site and sign up for our newsletter.

Many TeamBrent members began as strangers who saw an article or heard about Brent and decided to get involved.  Now they are friends determined to help eliminate cancer in children. and Infinite Web Designs helped make that possible.

Please check it out, and opt in!

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