New look….same mission!

Welcome to our new TeamBrent website. We hope you like the new look. The essentials are the same.

We believe that Together We Can Make a Difference.

TeamBrent was created in 2005 to battle childhood cancer alongside 3yr old Brent. Friends, family and community members had so much energy and passion, and so much to give. We (Brent’s parents) were overwhelmed by the kind offerings of meals, babysitting, toys, rides and even blood. We realized that we were incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by so many incredible people and that all of that amazing energy could be harnessed. We were in the midst of treatment (chemo, surgeries, stem cell transplants) and were really looking at things from a day by day perspective. While I’d love to tell you that TeamBrent was well thought out, with a mission plan in place from day one, that isn’t exactly accurate…..We just wanted to channel all of the passion and energy that was being directed at us into a way to help other kids. As TeamBrent has grown, we refined TeamBrent’s mission to simply be “raising funds and awareness to fight childhood cancer.”

Today Brent is a survivor who has no recollection of his treatment, we have raised five million dollars to fight childhood cancer, but the fight goes on. Brent is living proof that your efforts make a difference. Thank you for all that you do.


Dana and Mike McCreesh

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