TriFitness Women’s Triathlon & Duathlon – this Sunday

 One additional gal decided to join us for the triathlon on Sunday.  Irene.  Unfortunately, while she isn't quite the gutsy warrior that the other 250 triathletes are, she is incredibly strong and filled with the same fierce determination.

We are very sad and disappointed that we have to cancel our event this coming Sunday due to Hurricane Irene.  We are tough and we firmly believe that we get stronger by conquering challenges, but swimming in a hurricane is a bit much. 

Unfortunately it won't be possible to reschedule this year as the calendar is full.  The good news is that this means that anyone who wanted to be a part of the Triathlon but couldn't make it this Sunday will have a chance!  And for those of us who were toying with the idea of entering, at least in a relay (completing one leg of it - swim, bike OR run), now we have a whole year to train. 

Thank you to Trek Bicycle Store, TriFitness and all the registrants and volunteers.  We hope to see you next year for sure. 

Finally, as we watched the weather report last night, Mike & I couldn't help but be brought back seven years, to the middle of Brent's fight.  We wish a safe weekend for all of you -- and we wish uninterrupted treatment to those in the midst of their battle.  For those kids who can't let a hurricane stop them from getting their blood transfusion, or those racing to the hospital for an unexpected inpatient stay brought on by a random germ, immunosupression and finally - a fever ..... we wish you and your wonderful doctors and nurses safety.  Safe travels and uninterrupted care.

All the best.

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