St. Baldrick’s Knights of the Round Table

Each year the St. Baldrick's Foundation officially Knights an elite group who has helped shape St. Baldrick’s by being involved for at least seven years.  There are currently under 750 Knights of the Round Table worldwide. 

Be it known throughout the realm of St. Baldrick’s that it is the volunteers who give their love, time, talent, treasure,

and sometimes their hair,

to make life-saving research possible, and as some of these volunteers have faithfully upheld this mission for at least seven years;

In recognition of these acts of bravery and volunteerism, the following noble people are henceforth and forever known as members of the most honorable St. Baldrick’s Foundation Knights of the Bald Table;

Becky Andronowitz, Tom Andronowitz, Rich Baron, Dennis Brown, Mike Donahue, Todd Goodfellow, Roger Haney, Bill Keough, Jane Kronick, Dana McCreesh, Mike McCreesh, Scot Parnell, Deb Placey, Pete Reiter, Matt Wilcox

May all know these Knights have earned the esteem and heartfelt gratitude of the entire Kingdom of St. Baldrick’s!

With Knights like these fighting for our children,  childhood cancer cannot last long upon the earth.

All hail the Knights of the Bald Table!

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